Mission, Values and Vision


The Department of Psychology at Florida State University strives to provide an environment that fosters collegiality, respect, and a commitment to the collective success of the department. Faculty, staff, and students contribute significantly to the department's fulfillment of its three main goals:

  1. Produce cutting edge research in psychological science and behavioral neuroscience to further the understanding of complex behavior, thoughts, and emotions.
  2. Provide undergraduate and graduate students with rigorous academic programs that build critical thinking and enhance understanding of complex behavior, thoughts, and emotions.
  3. Serve the university, scientific community, and broader society by promoting psychological science and behavioral neuroscience.

Core Values

Research Excellence: We are highly productive researchers, as evidenced by the quantity of our high-quality publications and our abundance of grant funding.

Scientific Inquiry: Psychology is a highly interdisciplinary field driven by scientific inquiry. We foster the advancement of psychological science as a field of natural science. Psychological processes originate in the brain; thus, although the brain may not always be our primary focus of inquiry, it is central to the study of psychology. Furthermore, psychology is a hub science, and is key to linking together other disciplines. As such, collaborations across areas and other departments are valued. Notably, this interdisciplinary focus allows us to advance and apply theory and to answer "big" questions in psychological science and behavioral neuroscience.

Teaching Excellence: Research and teaching must be integrated when training students. Our graduate and undergraduate students complete a program of study that encourages critical thinking and prepares them for their future careers. We value student mentoring, hands-on research experience, and innovation in teaching.

Diversity & Inclusiveness: We value diversity, both as a means of advancing science, and as an end unto itself. The department is committed to welcoming individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints into our community, and to creating an inclusive environment for all.

Vibrant Intellectual Community: We believe that a collegial community is necessary to support the advancement of psychological science and behavioral neuroscience. Respect, support, engagement, and effective communication are key features of our community.


Recognizing its high level of success in grant funding, degrees awarded, and faculty contributions to science, the Department of Psychology seeks to increase its national and international visibility. To this end, we aim to increase our interdisciplinary culture, emphasis on high-quality research, and attention to undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral training.