Computer Room

What and where is the Psychology Undergraduate Computer Room?

The Undergraduate Computer Room is located in room A103, next to the tech support office, on the first floor of the Psychology Building (PDB) at 1107 W. Call Street.

Who can use the Undergraduate Computer Room?

Any Psychology undergraduate student accepted as a Psychology major, DIS students, and/or students enrolled in Psychology classes that require its use. Students will be required to login using their FSUID username and password.

When is it open?

The computer room is available for undergraduate and graduate student use during each semester when classes are in session. General access hours will be Monday thru Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

What is available in the Undergraduate Computer Room?

At this time, there are 10 Dell Optiplex computers and a printer available for student use. **Students are expected to provide their own printer paper.**

The following software is available for student use:

  • Word processing - Microsoft Word
  • Spreadsheet - Microsoft Excel
  • Presentation software - Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Statistical Analysis - SPSS
  • Internet browser
  • Image viewer - IrfanView
  • Experiment creation - MediaLab and DirectRT

Guidelines and Rules:

The computer room must have some level of cooperation from the users in order to maintain the functionality and security of the computers and affiliated hardware. Food and/or beverages are discouraged in the Undergraduate Computer Room and containers should be put in backpacks or left by the entrance door, as even an empty container gives the impression of containing something. Printing is currently supported by the department, but students are expected to supply their own paper. Since the room is monitored, any student violating the computer room guidelines will be banned from access. The door must never be propped open.