Dr. Caterina Gratton to Join Psychology in Fall 2022

This is a banner showing Dr. Gratton.

The FSU Department of Psychology is delighted to announce that Dr. Caterina Gratton will join the faculty in Fall 2022! Dr. Gratton is a Cognitive Neuroscientist who has developed a novel and tractable approach to one of Psychology’s most enduring questions – what is the neural origin of individual differences in human cognitive performance?

Dr. Gratton’s research combines functional MRI to measure neural activity with experimental techniques (transcranial magnetic stimulation and pharmacology) to reveal the large-scale brain networks that organize the discrete processes of perception and memory into goal-directed action. Because mild disruptions of these processes are common in healthy aging brains, and further exacerbated in a wide range of neurological and psychiatric disorders, Dr. Gratton’s research aims to provide fresh insight into the neural correlates of age-related cognitive decline, and the underlying causes of neurological and psychiatric disease.

Dr. Gratton brings her unique expertise to the growing team of FSU Cognitive Neuroscientists utilizing the Siemens 3T Prisma Scanner located in the FSU MRI Facility. Dr. Gratton’s lab will be hiring at multiple levels, including 2 postdocs or research faculty. Get in touch if you are interested in working on brain networks, cognitive control, and individual differences in young through older adults! 

For more information, visit Dr. Gratton’s website.