FSU Program in Neuroscience presents the 19th Annual North Florida Brain Bee Competition

Interested in testing your neuroscience knowledge? Sign up for the Brain Bee at 10 a.m. on March 23, a live competition testing high schoolers on how much they know about learning and memory, emotions, sensations, movements, and more neuroscience topics! All participants earn a certificate, and the top three place winners are awarded a cash prize.

Free prep and review lecture sessions are offered each Thursday, from Feb. 1 until March 21, for all high school students interested in learning more about neuroscience or participating in the North Florida Brain Bee competition. This event, which will be offered in person and via Zoom, and the review sessions are hosted by the Neuroscience Graduate Student Association. To learn more information, visit https://neuro.fsu.edu/events/bee or contact Austin Werner at awerner@bio.fsu.edu. To register, view the 2024 form.