Victor Buitron

Assistant Professor

Recruiting a graduate student for Fall of 2024

Victor Buitron

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Florida International University, 2021

Research Interests

Youth suicide prevention; intervention development; etiology of maladaptive interpersonal cognition; health factors (e.g., sleep health); early internalizing symptomology and suicide-related cognition; optimization of acute care.

Buitron, V., Mayorga, N., Brooks, J., Nizio, P., Schmidt, N. B., & Zvolensky, M. J. (in press). Self-reported COVID-19 symptoms and perceived likelihood of suicide attempt among Latinx individuals who experience acculturative stress. Journal of Affective Disorders Reports.

Buitron, V., Maron, M., Kudinova, A., Thompson, E., Baker, D. H., & Wolff, J. C. (in press). Sleep disturbance and suicidality in psychiatrically hospitalized adolescents: The role of specific emotion regulation domains. Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Buitron, V., Jimenez Colon, G., Duarte-Velez, Y. (2023). Mental Health Services Use and Social Support Among Latinx Families with Adolescents Who Engage in Suicidal Behavior. Evidence-Based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 8(2), 194-205.

Buitron, V., Hill, R. M., Bose, D., Vaclavik, D., Rey, Y., & Pettit, J. W. (2022). Brief modular approach to target perceived burdensomeness in clinic‐referred youth. Suicide and Life‐Threatening Behavior, 52(4), 752-762.

Buitron, V., Vaclavik, D., Hill, R. M., Bose, D., & Pettit, J. W. (2020). Low parental warmth and high youth impairment: a recipe for perceived burdensomeness? Behavior therapy, 51(5), 789-799.

Pettit, J. W., Buitron, V., & Green, K. L. (2018). Assessment and management of suicide risk in children and adolescents. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 25(4), 460-472.

Vaclavik, D., Buitron, V., Rey, Y., Marin, C. E., Silverman, W. K., & Pettit, J. W. (2017). Parental acculturation level moderates outcome in peer-involved and parent-involved CBT for anxiety disorders in Latino youth. Journal of Latina/o psychology, 5(4), 261.

Buitron, V., Hill, R.M., Pettit, J. W., Green, K.L., Hatkevich, C., Sharp, C. (2016). Interpersonal stress and suicidal ideation in adolescence: An indirect association through perceived burdensomeness toward others. Journal of Affective Disorders. 190, 143-149.