Janet Kistner

Vice President for Faculty Development and Advancement
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

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State University of New York at Binghampton, 1981

Research Interests

Developmental psychopathology; children's responses to stress and failure; problematic social interactions of children; learning and behavior problems of children.

Current Research

Ongoing studies investigate developmental processes in samples of typically developing children as well as in groups of children at risk for psychopathology. I am particularly interested in studying the emergence and developmental course of psychopathology among children who have a history of repeated failures in academic and social domains. My students and I investigate the role children's self-perceptions and related cognitions (e.g., causal attributions, coping styles) play in exacerbating or mitigating risk for psychopathology. For example, my students and I are currently conducting studies of overly positive self-perceptions and the development of aggression, ruminative response styles and children's risk for depression, and the impact of helpless responses to challenge on children's academic and social adjustment.

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