Gina O'Neal-Moffitt

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Gina O'Neal-Moffitt

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Florida State University, 2014

Research Interests

After 20 years in the software and computer technology industry, Dr. O'Neal-Moffitt graduated magna cum laude from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 2006, followed by a doctorate in Neuroscience / Biomedical Sciences from FSU's College of Medicine in 2014. Her dissertation research investigated a specific small-molecule therapy for the prevention or treatment of Alzheimer's Disease. As an adjunct instructor for the Psychology Department, Dr. O'Neal-Moffitt teaches undergraduate neuroscience courses.

O’Neal-Moffitt, G., Delic, V., Bradshaw, P., & Olcese, J.M. (2015) Prophylactic melatonin significantly reduces Alzheimer’s neuropathology and associated cognitive deficits independent of antioxidant pathways in AβPPswe/PS1 mice. Molecular Neurodegeneration, 27. 


O’Neal-Moffitt, G., Pilli, J., Kumar, S.S., & Olcese, J.M. (2014) Genetic deletion of MT1/MT2 melatonin receptors enhances murine cognitive and motor performance. Neuroscience, 227, 506-521. 


Dragicevic, N., Copes, N., O’Neal-Moffitt, G., Jin, J., Buzzeo, R., Mamcarz, M., Tan, J., Cao, C., Olcese, J.M., Arendash, G.W., & Bradshaw, P.C. (2011) Melatonin treatment restores mitochondrial function in Alzheimer’s mice: A mitochondrial protective role of melatonin membrane receptor signaling. Journal of Pineal Research, 51, 75-86.