Alan Spector

Distinguished Research Professor

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Alan Spector

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Florida State University, 1984

Research Interests

Neural basis of gustation, animal psychophysics, sensory processes, regulation of ingestive behavior, taste preferences and aversions.

Current Research

  • Assessment of taste function in mice with genetic deletions of taste receptors.
  • Analysis of alterations in taste function and ingestive behavior associated with gastric bypass surgery.
  • Evaluation of taste function following targeted damage in central gustatory structures.
  • Analysis of taste function and feeding following transection and regeneration of gustatory nerves.

Lab Description

Neural basis of taste perception. Role of taste in guiding feeding and drinking behavior. Functional consequences of gustatory nerve transection and regeneration, selective central nervous system lesions, and genetic manipulations of the gustatory system on taste-related behavior in rodent models.

Undergraduate Research

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Carolina Cawthon
Postdoctoral Fellow