Queen of the Sciences Lab

Mathematics is the queen of the sciences, according to the great mathematician Gauss; in this lab, under the direction of Dr. David Braithwaite, you will help to investigate children's mathematical development, addressing questions such as: How do children learn to think mathematically? What are the causes of differences in children's mathematical skills and knowledge? How can mathematics education be improved?

DIS students will gain research skills by participating in discussion of ideas for projects, creation and testing of research materials, conducting experiments with 3rd to 8th grade children in schools, and entering and coding data from experiments. Current projects include an experiment testing an educational computer game for improving understanding of fraction arithmetic and an investigation of children's strategies for solving decimal arithmetic problems

DIS students must be Sophomores or higher, have a GPA of 3.2 or higher, and be willing to commit to 3 credits (9 hours) per week for at least two consecutive semesters. Preferred, but not required, qualifications include prior DIS experience and ability to code in Python, Java, or R.

**Face-to-face and remote DIS options available**

If interested, please email a cover letter, resume/CV, unofficial transcript, and any other relevant information to David Braithwaite at dbraithwaite@fsu.edu. You will be contacted for an interview after review of your application.

Faculty Mentor(s)
Research Area

mathematical thinking and learning