Lauren Dimmer and Wendy Rounds Receive 2022 FSU Exemplary Service Awards

This is an photo of Lauren and Wendy.

Two psychology staff members were presented with Exemplary Service Awards at the Academic Affairs Employee Awards Ceremony on May 19, 2022. These annual awards, administered by the Office of the Provost, formally recognize meritorious service in several categories.

Wendy Rounds, an administrative assistant in the Psychology front office, received the award for Administrative Services. Wendy was recognized for her attention to detail and for her contributions to department culture and morale. Wendy works tirelessly to make sure undergraduate students who contribute to research in faculty’s labs are properly enrolled, even when they miss registration deadlines. She suggests new procedures and policies to address problems that arise. When FSU transitioned to remote work in 2020, Wendy modified procedures to make sure the psychology front office continued operating without a disruption in service. When faculty and graduate students join the department, Wendy helps them navigate FSU and departmental policies and traditions. Graduate students, staff, and faculty like to share their good news, but also their bad news, with Wendy because they know she will celebrate their wins and console them for their losses. She seems to know just when to provide comfort, encouragement, or a reminder that things often are not as bad as they initially seem to be.

Lauren Dimmer, an undergraduate advisor, received the award for Student Services. Lauren was recognized for her problem-solving skills and willingness to help students and staff. Lauren excels at helping undergraduate students with complicated scheduling situations (e.g., multiple majors, highly involved on campus). She helps them with immediate planning of their next semester while keeping the long-term goal in mind, planning out future semester courses at the same time. She does this with remarkable efficiency, meeting with many students each day, but making sure each one feels valued, listened to, and educated about policies. She also suggests policy changes to clarify and simplify the psychology major, reducing the problems that arise when students misinterpret complicated policies, thereby helping students to graduate on time. Lauren thinks about student experiences beyond which classes they are taking. She thinks about how the department can support them and what steps we can take so that they excel.