Graduate Research Day 2019

Graduate Research Day 2019

On April 12th the department hosted its annual Graduate Research Day (GRD), in which graduate students present research through oral and poster presentations. We were delighted to have Eugenia and Russell Morcom join us for the event.

The day began with a presentation by this year's Doctoral Graduate Award of Distinction recipient ("Grad Made Good"), Heather Bradshaw. Heather received her PhD in 2001 in the Neuroscience Program under the direction of Karen Berkley.

There were 8 oral presentations from our graduate students, and our poster session included 35 posters from our graduate students.   Following adjudication by faculty members, the following students were awarded the Eugenia and Russell Morcom GRD Excellence Award for best oral presentations: Meghan Donovan (1st place; major professor: Zuoxin Wang), Stephanie Mallinas (2nd place; major professor: Ashby Plant), Juliana French (3rd place; major professor: Andrea Meltzer), Maria Greenwood (Honorable Mention(tie); major professor: Elizabeth Hammock) and Heather Maranges (Honorable Mention (tie); major professor: Paul Conway).

One poster presentation from each of the five programs was awarded the Eugenia and Russell Morcom GRD Excellence Award for best poster presentation: Kat Chia (Cognitive (tie); major professor: Mike Kaschak), Heather Rawlinson (Cognitive (tie); major professor: Colleen Kelley), Elyssa Geer (Developmental; major professor: Colleen Ganley), Caitlyn Edwards (Neuroscience; major professor: Linda Rinaman), and Emma Altgelt (Social; major professor: Andrea Meltzer).

The winning poster from clinical was a group effort by the fifth year clinical cohort: Jay Boffa (major professor: Brad Schmidt), Taylor Day (major professor: Amy Wetherby), Charlotte Grillot (major professor: Pam Keel), Melanie Hom (major professor: Thomas Joiner), Megan Rogers (major professor: Thomas Joiner), Ian Stanley (major professors: Thomas Joiner and Natalie Sachs-Ericsson), Erica Wells (major professor: Michael Kofler), Natalie Wilver (major professor: Jesse Cougle), and James Yancey (major professor: Chris Patrick).